October 4, 2016

Wahweap Marina Boat Names at Lake Powell

Molly Zimmer
Glen Canyon Dam/Lake Powell
September 11, 2016

Lake Powell Marina

Exploring the Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell, AZ I was greatly amused by the numerous boat names and layout that mirrors our cities. The docks are full of motorized carts and ATVs carrying people from their houseboat to the shore, through floating streets, and multi-storied recreation homes. The marina is like a miniaturized version of the suburban city plan. Each boat has a slip, and walkway around it like yard. There are water hydrants on the corner of each slip, all centered on a grid pattern, which encircles the restaurant, quick mart store, and marina staff center. Each boat has a specific personality that conveys the boat owner’s persona, and how they viewed water recreation. Thus, I began recording these names to assemble a poem.

Dancing with Wives
N4 Mischief
Money Shot
Perfect Delivery
Large Supreme
Love Deal
R You Kidding Me
Wake Starter
Take a Message 2
Chicken Ship
Desert Rain
La Belle Vie
King’s High
Livin R Dream
Corpse of Discovery
On the Prowell

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