October 16, 2016

Seven Generations Ahead

By Molly Zimmer
Four Corners
September 23, 2016

Out of the Hogan Ceremony we experienced as a group with Dr. Larry Emerson in Hogsback, NM, the resiliency of Diné philosophy really connected with me. Each human is sacred and equal; all voices are heard in a circle. Women are revered and supported. Everyone strives to be a good human, and to think how they can improve their community. We are each connected to the land; Mother Earth and Father Sky connect us all.

Diné philosophy teaches the community to think seven generations from now, to care and pass on their stories to the children to come. Such questions were raised for me as: What do I want to accomplish for 7 generations in my future for my community, to create a better and more sustainable life for them? What stories can I share about my family to teach mindfulness and resilience?

Out of the 4 Directions: East, South, West, North are four distinct parts of a whole community.

East: Mindfulness
South: You hold the good, bad, and ugly in your palms
West: Kinship
North: Peace and Resilience
Center of Circle: Your heart lives, the center of life

Each day, each year, and each lifetime, you can move through this cycle with the sunrise and sunset. We must be present in the moment.

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