October 2, 2016

Page, Arizona

By Rachel Zollinger
Glen Canyon Dam
September 11, 2016

Page, Arizona is a strange place. I suppose I already knew that but still I wasn’t prepared for the culture shock, quickly followed by annoyance, upon entering SafeWay after days in the Utah desert. After a not so brief sojourn in the bathroom line, Molly, Hamshya and I escaped the frigid AC to the parking lot. We pondered the steady traffic of RVs, trucks hauling boats, tour buses toting retirees and the occasional oversize load of houseboat on a flatbed trailer, all converging to recreate on this lake in the desert. We visited Horseshoe Bend the next day and observed the intrepid vacationers in the delicate balance of quest for the perfect selfie shot and seemingly near oblivion of the cliff edge.

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