October 26, 2016


By Kaitlin Bryson
Wild Rivers, NM
September 29, 2016

For the matter of letting go, for grieving, for pain:

You must remember that you already know how, that you practice it every day.  In every dying cell of your body, pulling the hair off your brush, and
with every wax and wane of the moon.
It’s good to remember
That you’re actually quite good at it.
That you must know it well at this point in your life, especially after
The stories have been told so many times by
So many different people.  
It comes in and out, and you
Know this.  You
Breathe this.  

But, letting go means letting off, and that’s not the solution – that is the
Departure.  The flight pattern is so practiced you don’t even realize you’re out of your body and when you get gone,
it is hard to come back.

Facing pain means listening to it, and letting its voice be heard.  In a dream you hear it speak -   and it tells you to look to the confluence.  
The slow dissolution of the boundaries between worlds is
where acceptance can be found.  
That border exists, sometimes indefinitely, but
there is always a subtle mixing which turns the reflective arrow outward.

How long does it take for two bodies (made of water) to merge?


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