September 29, 2016

Muley Tracks

By Rachel Zollinger
Muley Point
September 8, 2016

I’ve been recording my journeys around the mesa with GPS. There’s no real trails, save a few roads and old tire tracks, so my routes mostly follow the cliff edges, but veer off as I sidestep rock piles and gaps or spot interesting tinajas. Our third day at Muley, I found a large tinaja, or really, the space between seams in the giant blocks of sandstone. The water level was low and revealed a long, sculpted, meandering line in the black stained rock. It struck me how similar this line was to my plotted GPS routes, so I took out a red pastel and traced it. At the end of the line, I wanted the journey to continue, but it petered out into flat sandstone. I wonder how long the evidence of this little journey of mine will remain visible, and if anybody will puzzle over it.

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