September 21, 2016

Listening to Neighbours

By Hamshya Rajkumar
August 30, 2016

Listening to intricate water utility systems defeated me.
I wish I could be treated like a child as hand puppets would deliver complex information to me successfully. I feel overwhelmed.
However, at Mountain View community gardens I absorbed and felt every single word. There was even a moment where I felt tears forming in my eyes. I met a neighbour today. (I have taken a liking to the word ‘neighbour’.) Very rarely do I meet someone who can embrace another as a neighbour blind to race, gender or any other binary we are seemingly tied to. I was overjoyed to be in a community garden with the goal of unification who will empower any human being without any form of discrimination. We were given three rules (never forget where you came from, never forget those who made this opportunity for you, always give back to those who gave to you) which my family instilled in me. What warmed me even more is to hear the same values from another side of the world in a different cultural setting from the one I was raised in. All words were spoken with conviction and heart. I was incredibly delighted to be in a place that strive to enforce change. When I get filled with this much bliss and inspiration I generally want to hug them.
I got my hug.
I’m just so happy now.

Thank You

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