September 22, 2016

Collaborative Natural Dye Experiments

Molly Zimmer, Hollis Moore, Kaitlin Bryson
September 4, 2016

Dye Bath Experimentation with Naturally Collected Materials:
  1. Yellow Aspen Leaves
  2. Damaged Douglas Fir Bark from Bark Beetles
  3. Lichens from nearby Rocks and Ground

  1. Found rusty tin cans
  2. Wood ash from the fire
  3. Soda ash
  4. Tinajas and existing minerals

  1. Alpaca lace wool
  2. Cheese cloth
  3. Linen
  4. (paper ?)
  5. Cotton thread

Thoughts on dye bath experiments:

It is a special experience to walk through a landscape collecting (and knowing) plants who produce a spectrum of colors.  Natural dying feels a bit like chemistry and alchemy, though it is grounded in a very intuitive-based thinking.  Each one of us are fascinated with color and with expressions of the land -- using the color from the environments we travel through speaks softly but directly to that place.  We are excited about exploring the possibilities that the plants hold, along with learning more about the traditions of natural dying, and even more excited about the blossoming collaboration between the three of us.  Stay tuned.  

Collected Bowls of Natural Dye Materials

Aspen Leaf Dye Cooking in Fire

Hollis Moore and Kaitlin Bryson Working with Dyes

Natural Tinaja for Mordanting Fabric

Small Tinaja for Mordanting

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