August 28, 2016

Announcing the 2016 Land Arts of the American West Program

We are preparing to head out into the field and begin our creative Field Investigations. But before we go, we want to share the projects we are planning, the journeys we will be taking, and the visiting artists, scholars, and community partners who will be joining us.

During the next couple months LAAW students will be out in the field and across the American Southwest conducting research and making art. We will be traveling together through Albuquerque water works, up into the Rio Grande Headwaters, to the Glen Canyon Dam, across Four Corners fracking-lands, to the canyons and mountains of Northern New Mexico, into the Gila Wilderness, across the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, onto the US/Mexico Border, and ending at White Sands. We will be putting art into experimental action to engage with communities, learn about place, and explore critical issues across these environments.

At the end of October, we will return to Albuquerque and begin forming final projects to be exhibited at the University of New Mexico and at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Through this embodied arts practice, LAAW students weave together research, field investigations, creative production, and community engagement to create public exhibitions and events about critical bioregional issues.

We are particularly excited to announce our partnership with the Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) and their Water Rights Residency. This partnership is the first of its kind and we have no doubt it will be a tremendous confluence of creative and critical action. During this partnership we will be exploring Water Rights on the ground and in the water while working collectively on a project together. We will also have SFAI Resident Artists join us in the Field to work on their own projects and present these to LAAW. Between Field Investigations we will be participating in SFAI Artists Dinners and Discussions and in December we will be hosting a Water Rights event at SFAI.

Stay tuned for more details!
See below for social media links where we will be posting our journey as we go.

Field Investigation Itinerary
Aug 29 - Sept 12 – Field Investigation 1
Aug 29 – 30 – Albuquerque Water and Field Preparation 

Aug 31 – Sept 4 – Rio Grande Headwaters, CO
Sept 5 - 9 – Mulley Point, UT
Sept 10 – 11 - Glen Canyon Dam, Page, AZ
Sept 12 – Return to Albuquerque

Sept 18 – Oct 3 – Field Investigation 2
Sept 18 – 22 – Diné Water Rights, Hogbacks, NM
Sept 23 – 27 – Wild Rivers, NM
Sept 28 – Oct 2 – Valle Vidal, NM
Oct 3 – Return to Albuquerque

Oct 12 – 27 – Field Investigation 3
Oct 12 – 16 – Gila River and Wilderness, NM
Oct 17 – 20 – Marfa and Trans-Pecos Pipeline, Marfa, TX
Oct 21 – 24 – Big Bend State Park, TX
Oct 25 – 26 – White Sands, NM
Oct 27 – Return to Albuquerque

December 5 – 12: John Sommers Gallery at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
December 12: Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

LAAW Artists:
Kaitlin Bryson
Nancy Dewhurst
Hollis Moore
Hamshya Rajkumar
Molly Zimmer
Rachel Zollinger

Visiting Artists, Scholars, Community Partners, and Institutions Visited:
Joerael Elliot, SFAI Resident Artist
Ruth Le Gear, SFAI Resident Artist
Annie Danis and Fictilis, SFAI Resident Artists
Ryan Pierce, Artist
Richard Moore, Los Jardines Institute
Larry Emerson, Diné Activist, Artist, and Scholar
Etta Arviso, Diné Activist
Alyce Santoro, Artist and Activist
Santa Fe Art Institute
Jennifer Owens-White and Teresa Skiba, Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge
Sandia Peak, Albuquerque, NM
San Juan/Chama Diversion and Treatment Plant
Albuquerque Southside Waste Reclamation Plant
AMAFCA Diversion Channels
Glen Canyon Dam
Four Corners Resource Extraction Sites
Trans-Pecos Pipeline
Chinati Foundation
SITE Santa Fe
Thoma Foundation

Land Arts of the American West: to inspire and support environmentally and socially engaged art practices through field-based bioregional teaching, collective learning, interdisciplinary research, community collaboration, and creative forms of publication and exhibition.

Field Blog:

For more information contact
Jeanette Hart-Mann, Field Director LAAW:

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