December 3, 2015

The Final Shebang

By Harriet Fawcett
White Sands
October 22, 2015

I’ve seen about every type of weather condition now while travelling with Land Arts. As we arrived at White Sands National Monument we were welcomed by a pretty violent hailstorm. Now the weather is changing I feel a lot more at home in my winter coat rather than a constant layer of sun cream over my sunburn.  Once the storm had passed we were gifted with a perfect final day of weather.

Our chosen mode of transport at white sands


Great picturesque snaps to show the family back home.

 Braving it in the hammock to save my tent from the notorious gypsum sand

Disguised under a layer of sunburn I believe a tan is starting to appear. I’ve  finally adjusted to the heat just as we enter the colder fall months, brilliant! 

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