December 5, 2015

Lost Again

By Clark Frauenglass
Turkey Creek/ Gila
October 13, 2015

I got lost again. I decided to take a night time dip in the hot spring along the edge of the river, but somehow failed to find the path in the dark. Instead of being sensible and back tracking until I found the entrance, I decide to just whack my way straight through the bushes to the edge of the river and hike down stream. Unfortunately, while bushwhacking, I got turned around and ended up heading up stream instead. I hiked through the freezing cold water for about half a mile before realizing my mistake. The spring is a short five-minute walk from my tent. It took me an hour and a half to find it.

It’s amazing how alone you can feel out here, even when there’s someone sleeping in a tent 10 yards away. Sitting alone in the hot spring at night, staring at the stars, surrounded by the rustle of unidentifiable creatures just beyond your field of vision, it’s not hard to imagine you’re the only person around for miles and miles. Totally worth the hike.

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