November 15, 2015

mobile gravy #bigbendtx

By CB Bryan
Big Bend 
October 20, 2015

Mobile gravy rolled through Austin, Marfa and now we’re at the Big Bend State Park in West Texas.

The students from Land Arts of the American west were surprised to see us at breakfast, (usually they cook food for one another) but this time we served them some of our brand new menu options.

Mobile Gravy co-operator and cook -- CB talks to Annee, a Land Arts participant about her favorite options from our brand new menu!

One Land Arts participant, Rotxie snaps a photo of her Toast with our signature ‘Rainbow Gravy’ side! Thanks, Rotxie!!

Our wonderful supporters in #bigbendtx

Co-operator and cook, Kacie serves an avocado citrus salad with a side of sushi and a wheatgrass elixir.

The Henel Reading room -- dedicated to our friend and occasional driver Ryan

Thanks for such a great pitstop, Land Arts 2k15! Our next stop is Albuquerque, NM!

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