October 9, 2015


By Andrea Luella Gohl
Four Corners
September 23, 2015

Navajo Nation
We spent several nights as visitors in Navajo Nation.  During this time we reflected on some of the affects of mineral extraction.  I say ‘some’ because I don't think I can fully grasp what the affects are on people living in such close proximity to fracking and coal mining sites.  I don’t want to post at length about the controversy around mineral extraction in Navajo Nation, but I would like to encourage you to do a bit of research, if you are not familiar with this topic.  I had only a little understanding of some of these issues before the trip.  I was shocked at what we witnessed. 

One of the fracking sites we visited.

Our hosts in Navajo Nation were some of the most sharing and compassionate people I have met.  We experienced aspects of Navajo tradition I could have never imagined having the opportunity to partake in.  I am fortunate to have been invited as a visitor.

This is the view from where we camped.  If you glimpse into the doorway you can see Shiprock jetting up in the distance.  

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