October 6, 2015

Visiting Lake Powell

By Orianna Pavlik
Glen Canyon Dam
August 31, 2015

Of all the sites we had so far visited, this was the most thought provoking in terms of the social and cultural landscape. Down at the marina boats gathered, and tourists sunbathed. Our site was equipped with bathrooms, sinks, tables, and a shade shelter. We set up our camp tent under the shade shelter and cramped our tents into the designated space. Down the road was a camp store with a Laundromat, showers, and a shop filled with souvenirs and camp supplies.

We walked down to the lake to swim but came down to a beachfront that was closed. We went down to the water where the smell of diesel was strong and rainbow streaks reflected in the water. Closer to the shore a strange yellow chemical was gathering. The water in front of us filled a canyon that most people never had a chance to see. That night we watched the documentary Damnation. It was an ironic juxtaposition to the group of French men playing Frisbee without their shirts next door. They came to enjoy the beach and play in the sand, where as we came to visit the dam and critique the role of such an industry in the U.S.

The Glen Canyon Dam was the pride of local people. It provided electricity and jobs and a recreational area for tourism. However, it was clear to see the negative impact of the dam as we looked into the future.

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