October 8, 2015


By Eleanora Jaroszynska
El Vado
September 18. 2015

I think that I am beginning to master the art of finding a good tent spot. This time I have taken the time, scouted out a high spot with a view of the water and not too far from the cabin. Choosing an area that catches my eye. For the first night I slept under the stars because they were so bright and so many. But I soon went back to the warmth of my tent because it got so cold!

It is nice to be near water again and to be able to go for a quick swim before dinner. Although it is a real commitment to wade through the mud to get to the water. I always end up dirtier than before. I have spent most of my time by the water and so has most of the group. There is a small community of tents at the water’s edge. Clark, Harriet and Sarah have set up a volley ball net on the drier mud.

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