October 3, 2015

on the road again...

By Andrea Luella Gohl
August 30, 2015

N    38°34.3’
W 110°42.8’
Elevation: 4959 feet
(but not for long)

On a travel day, camp is torn down and all of our supplies need to be repacked into the van.  The configuration of items in the vans is important to make sure everything fits just right.  On our first travel day, (traveling from San Rafael Swell to Goblin Valley State Park) we had breakfast, torn down camp, and packed the van, with a departure time of 8:13 am. On our second travel day, (traveling from Goblin Valley to Page, Arizona) we managed to be packed and back on the road at 8:11 am.  Little by little we will improve our system to get off and running earlier and earlier.

The packing masters hard at work.  It is an acquired skill to get all of the backpacks in the back of the van.  A real master leaves no space.  It looks great to me!

Travel by van and travel by foot- these are both necessary modes of transportation. A short walk may result in tens of goat heads at the bottom of your shoes as the desert creeps in to catch a ride when you’re not looking. 

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