October 4, 2015

Big Moon & Ponderosas

By Joanna Keane Lopez
Valle Vidal
September 30, 2015

Valle Vidal is very beautiful. It is located in Northern New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. There are a lot of ponderosa pine trees, wild rose hips, high grasses and a creek that runs through the meadow where most of our group is camped. I’ve seen a bald eagle flying in the sky, a hawk screeching while in flight, a squirrel, a small snake, little fish in the creek and a lone cow. 

On the second night, I saw this huge moon rising on the horizon. Later there was a full lunar eclipse that we watched together in the grasses.

Here, at Valle Vidal, I focused on collecting thistle fiber for papermaking, embroidery and a collaborative project with Harriet Fawcett. We are doing a stop motion/documentary that has an environmental take on the classic La Llorona story. 

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