September 8, 2015

Settling In

By Kacie Erin Smith
San Rafael Swell
August 25, 2015

On the bank of the San Rafael River, my tent is perched below a cottonwood. After setting up the camp kitchen, hiking into surrounding buttes, and making videos with fellow artists, I constructed a secondary ‘home’ structure. Adjustable poles are joined by a tarp made of parachute cloth, staked out with p-cord. Inside is space I have used as a studio, protected from the rain and sun. The corners gather rainwater, which I collected and tasted in my cup on Wednesday. I can see the river bend, the sun set, and the nearly full moon. After dinner on Thursday, I held a reading of ‘Joyas Voladores’ by Brain Doyle inside the structure. It’s been a place for settling in – to this place, this group, this self.

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