September 10, 2015

Goblin Valley

By Eleanora Jaroszynska
Goblin Valley
August 28, 2015

 After dinner at the campsite we drove round the corner to Goblin Valley.  There was a mystical and playful atmosphere in amongst the pillars of clay and rounded sandstone that turned us into children. Joanna and I ran around playing hide and seek until we had exhausted ourselves chasing the misleading echoes that would take us to the opposite side of the canyon.

Tired from running around we found a rounded boulder to sit on in a high up part of the canyon. We sat with our backs to the residue of the sunset and faced the rising almost-full moon. As we sat there in the thick silence, an owl circled low above us three or four times. The scene seemed so otherworldly while at the same time the alien landscape oddly made me feel very aware of being on a planet.

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