September 10, 2015

desert kite sparkle spectacle feat. lack of wind

By CB Bryan
Goblin Valley
August 28, 2015

Change in camping scenery resulted in a two day stay at Goblin Valley State Park – not planned. Campground provided running water, which meant shower treats and real toilets.

After early dinner we drove into the goblin valley – enormously insane area of land filled with hoodoos and voodoos of all sorts.  Rocks piled on rocks – - so precarious!

Favorite hoodoo of all was this anonymous French kite flyer. Saw his contraption from a distance – which looked unexpected in the valley of orange muted rocks. The contraption, a kite became apparent as we hiked down and forward towards the small flying crew.

This anonymous French kite flyer folds up his works in delicate/specific ways to travel over the world searching for the best weather conditions.  The wide-open spaces of the southwest would be ideal, are ideal – if only the wind carried a slight breeze.

Now -- I dream of kite making and glitter, winds scattered amongst these red southwest sands. The juxtaposition of the reflecting material and the surrounding rocks sticks in my head even now, after the fact/after leaving the area. What is it about this land – which I see as a mirror and which often holds such mystery in the most open of places – that stays so strongly in my mind?

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