August 27, 2015

San Rafael River at Mexican Mountain

By Jeanette Hart-Mann
San Rafael Swell
September 27, 2015

During take off on August 24th from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque a heavy particulate haze clung to the land and followed us up across New Mexico and Utah. It was hard to believe, but this mass of tiny airborne objects was so dense that it looked like fog was rolling in from some Jurassic by-gone era. Eerie, gray, and disembodied/disemboweled we wondered, what is this? Where did it come from? From storms, wind, fires? Everyone we met en route mentioned nonchalantly that it had drifted from California and Oregon. From the wildfires. This followed us into the wilderness as awareness. It reminded us that even if we were tucked away deep in the hidden canyon country working within micro-cosmic scales of curious and creative art and environmental research, we were still bound to the global unwinding of climate change.

Fire Pit diorama. Ryan Henel with pick axe (stop-motion jhm)

Our first destination was the San Rafael Swell region right on the river and just below the sheer cliffs of Mexican Mountain. As our first site of the fall we were immersed in orienting themselves to being in the field, setting up base camp, and locating their personal homes on earth and in the dirt.

Finally, tramping off to see where art might take us into place.

The following are a series of images from our site at the San Rafael river including landscape overviews, camp, and working processes from some of these artists.

Up Canyon (photo jhm)
LAAW Basecamp (photo jhm)
Cook team, Paula, Erin, and Joanna working on dinner (photo jhm)
Andrea shooting the full moon (photo jhm)
Joanna drawing at Kacie's experimental studio (photo jhm)
An evening gathering at Kacie's studio sharing rain water and reading "Joyas Voladoras" by Brian Doyle (photo jhm)
CB and Eleanora hiking out to look at others work on the last day at San Rafael (photo jhm)
Paula's personification and the scream (photo jhm)
Clark and Harriet picking Three-Leaf Sumac berries for their tea performance (photo jhm)
Gathering around the sunset (photo jhm)

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