August 31, 2015

new directions - new tracks

By Andrea Luella Gohl
San Rafael Swell
August 26, 2015

N 39°04.31’
W 110°38.66’
Elevation: 5050 feet

 For our first stop, base camp is located just off the San Rafael River in Utah.

Not a bad view to wake up to in the morning. I love rocks, and the Swell has some of the most interesting rocks I have seen. Beautiful strata on majestic monoliths, these bands tell us their story. Though some of them only whisper, they share their story if you stop to listen. Sandstone, mudstone, dark iron red, and multicolored pastels, the variety of colors help us find boundaries in time.

We are not the only ones making our way in the mud.  The river is a busy place on a hot August day.

The days have been glorious as the desert breeze helps guide the way…. but it doesn’t hurt to leave a little reminder of which way to go.

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