September 2, 2014

My favourite moment of the Rio Grande Headwaters

Tara Marshall-Tierney

We all agree that the night skies here are some of the most beautiful that most of us have ever seen. Every night, we are all in awe and between us see dozens of shooting stars. The Milky Way is aglow and Amanda tells us that the shape we are looking at the edge of a “fried egg”, staring into the “yolk” - that’s how we see the Milky Way.
The stars make us feel small but also special and the moon started to make an appearance after the first few days.
One night a group of us decide to stargaze in a nearby clearing away from the light of the lanterns and campfire. We take a guide to the constellations and manage to find Aquarius (whatever that means).
Shooting stars are in their abundance and at one magical point we see something that moves quite a bit slower. This asteroid/meteor/comet flew across the sky with flames running behind it. We all sat up at the sight of it, shouting whether each other had seen it, even though we clearly all had.
This all lasted just a couple of seconds but for me was one of the most incredible natural sights I’ve ever seen. It’ll remain in my memory forever and was definitely my biggest highlight (out of a bunch of many favorite moments) of our trip to the Rio Grande Headwaters.
Colorado has been supremely awesome.

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