September 2, 2014

How Can A Photo Even Capture This Feeling

Cristine Posner

As I stood atop a peak at 11,050 feet above sea level, the highest I’ve ever been with my feet on the ground, I almost couldn’t believe the sight before me as reality. As a photographer, we study images made of these beautiful scenes, but even my knowledge of image making didn’t allow me to feel how I felt face-to-face with the vast landscape of the Rio Grande Headwaters. My breath slowed, my eyes widened, and my heart was warm. All I kept thinking is can a photo make me feel this way? Is this the feeling of sublime that I’ve been trying to understand all these years?

Feeling is a funny thing, we all do it but it’s very subjective. I stood at that peak for the first time with Staci who is from Idaho. She’s hiked much higher and in many more places; did she have that same feeling? I had to go back the next day and was happy to do it with many more of my “campaneros” as Amanda would say. Something that beautiful needed to be shared but I can’t help wondering if anyone else had that same feeling…

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