July 7, 2014

Calperum Station in the South Australian Riverland

Calperum Station is part of the The Australian Landscape Trust, which is a non-profit, philanthropic organization, dedicated to supporting improved management of Australia’s natural resources for the benefit of regional communities and the broader environment. They offer comfortable beds, clean bathrooms with hot showers, a large communal kitchen, and a great garden.

One is naturally drawn to the animals. We saw a large variety of birds, emus, kangaroos, echidna, and feral cats too. Exploring the area, the land varied dramatically, from foggy sunrises, which lit up the spiderwebs and gum tree silhouettes, to dried salt lake crystals, blue/green rivers, eucalyptus woods, and open plains. The colors were changing constantly with the weather and the light.

I stayed there for five nights last week, and while the station is set up to accommodate large groups of students and researchers, I traveled with a small group of three female artists from Canberra. We made the long drive in a Toyota van, bringing our food and equipment with us because, I realized, once you are at Calperum, you don't want to leave.

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