July 27, 2014

ANU Residency

These past few weeks, I have been a visiting artist at the Australian National University.

The School of Art is part of the ANU. One of the major research institutions in Australia, wifi was invented at the ANU! Indeed, my wifi here at the School of Art has been pretty good.

It's a beautiful, sprawling campus with sculpture gardens, great museums nearby, and a picturesque lake that I have been going for runs around in the evenings. Canberra was a planned city, and it reminds me a lot of Washington DC. This is the view from my window. The radio tower, if you can spot it behind the trees is a Canberra landmark:

As a visiting artist, in the Painting Department, this is the interior of my studio:

I have been working on small colored pencil drawings and watercolors, along with an oil painting and two lithographs of eucalyptus trees:

This past week, the show "Random" has been up at the ANU Foyer Art Gallery. One hundred and fourteen artists participated, including myself. It was an interesting show to look at, particularly as a visitor, as one gets a sense of the many trends in the area. The curator spoke about the project at the opening, which is perhaps less typical of an opening in the US, but it provided valuable insight into the vision behind the show.

Heike Qualitz exhibited a work here. She made video, which she then projected into an empty sink. It is a six minute loop of a river. It's called "Undercurrents", and the projector is hidden in the inside of the dirty mop above.

You can see a video of the piece here: http://heikequalitz.com/sculpture/undercurrents-2014/

Another good friend here in Canberra has been Amanda Stuart. Amanda was recently commissioned to install a public sculpture in the city center. Her work researches the tense relationship between wild dogs, dingoes, and humans in the South East of Australia. This is a detail shot of her piece. These two dogs are part of a larger pack.


Other highlights from this residency have included a site visit to the ANU's Kiola Field Station on the South Coast http://kioloa.anu.edu.au, and giving an "Art Forum" lecture on Wednesday, where I had the opportunity to speak about my work and answer questions. http://soa.anu.edu.au/event/art-forum-kb-jones

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