October 18, 2013

Buena Vista Community Art Event

Presenting the Photo Collection of Buena Vista
Saturday, October 19th
1pm to 5pm
Centro Artistico y Cultural
120 Courchesne, Buena Vista, El Paso, TX

The Buena Vista Archive is designed to document and preserve community history and identity. It is our hope that this project will function as an evolving process, created by those who participate now and in the future.

Buena Vista is a predominantly Mexican-American community located on the New Mexico/Texas/Chihuahua border that was a spillover from Smeltertown, Texas. It has been cut three times: once by Paisano, once by the freeway (I-10), and once by a retaining dam, leaving 1/3 to 1/2 of the original population and land area intact. Armando Carlos, Roberto Salas, and the Land Arts of the American West Program have been working together over the last five years to preserve and strengthen the community of Buena Vista through various political and artistic means.

All documents created for, generated, and displayed during this event will be added to the Buena Vista Archive at the end of the exhibition. The Buena Vista Archive will continue to evolve and grow over time, with the help and support of those who contribute. If you would like to add to this collection, please contact Roberto Salas at (619)886-1892.

Map of Gallery
1. BUENA VISTA ARCHIVE: A filing cabinet designed to hold the evolving archive of Buena Vista and the Centro Artistico y Cultural. Feel free to have a look inside, and add ideas, pictures, or thoughts.

2. BUENA VISTA PHOTO COLLECTION: Includes new and old photographs gathered throughout the neighborhood, as well as portraits of attendees at the event.

3. BUENA VISTA PROJECT IDEAS: Presentation of future ideas in the Buena Vista Neighborhood. What would you like to see? Add your ideas.

4. A WORD: What would be the one word that would be the most important to your life? A collection of words; a collection of person- al values; a collection and portrait of Buena Vista.

5. PHOTOBOOTH: Be part of the archive. Have a photo taken with the backdrop of the United States and Mexico. Additionally, personal objects can be archived after having been photographed.

6: ARCHIVE PROCESSING STATION: Location of performative processing and archiving of the content created for and generated during the event.

Organized by:
Armando Carlos
Lara Goldmann
Emily Gonzales
Jeanette Hart-Mann
Ryan Henel
André Liptay
Randal Romwalter
Roberto Salas
Chitra Sangtani
Carina Schnieders
Elizabeth Shores
Margaret Shuster

This project would was made possible with help and support from many individuals.
A special thanks to:

Land Arts of the American West, The University of New Mexico
Roberto Salas, Director, Centro Artistico y Cultural
Armando Carlos, President, The Buena Vista Neighborhood Association
Mrs. Cordero
Luis S. Jimenez
Gilbert Sanchez
The community of Buena Vista

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