December 20, 2012

CCA Connecting Liminal Nowhere Exhibition

Friday, December 8th, 2012
Photos: Ryan Henel

     After a wonderfully busy installation lead-in, the Land Arts of the American West group kicked off a lovely exhibition opening at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe.  With the cool, brisk evening air commingling with the warm, glowing gallery lights, guests and artists gathered together in vibrant conversation.
     The Goldmines! group exhibition is in the front gallery of the Munoz Waxman Gallery, and beyond, is the Land Arts of the American West exhibition, a diverse gathering of art that transcends medium and subject matter, but retains a conceptual connection that is resonant and liminal.  Work included in the show involves video, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, installation, performance, and combinations of the above.  The collective Land Arts experiences have become translated and imbued into collaborative projects as well as individual works.  The group's travels across the American Southwest have fueled this show's fresh work, energy, and liminal connectedness.
     The opening was a wonderful evening in celebration of art inspired by land and those who tread it.  Thank you for your support to all who made it.  For those who weren't able to attend, Connecting Liminal Nowhere will be on view through December 30th.

Tamara Zibners and group performing some lovely music

Artists Katelyn Deluca, KB Jones, Jeff Nibert, and Emily Vosburgh

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