October 10, 2012

Sitting Out in the Beat Down

Marne Elmore

     Around the campfire, where impromptu conversations wonderfully generate, we talked about challenges faced in creating art.  Not a small topic in the least, but more specifically, we discussed the difficulty of creating art that is not simply a representation, but rather an evocation or an experience in its own right.  The experiential influences that impact us in the field are very intense, raw, and sensorial.  There is the intense beat down of the sun, the dirt on our skin, the breeze blowing over us, the scratches, scrapes, and bites, et cetera to infinity; the collaboration of all these elements.  The resulting translations of our experiences that become realized in our artwork face dislocation and reorganization.  The challenge is to not only show the viewer, but to share with the viewer a fresh encounter or engagement.  Can you feel the intense sun beating down? Ahhh, we artists have so much work to do.

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