September 26, 2012

Sparkling Rocks of Firepoint

Katelyn De Luca
August 30th, 2012

       It has always been a hobby of mine to look closely at the forest floor to see what kind of fascinating treasures I can find.  At Firepoint, everywhere I looked I would find these multicolored granite rocks that sparkled in the light. As I walked by, their sparkle would glint and catch my eye like a shiny treasure.  I became fascinated with the effects of light on these rocks, and I wanted to work with them in my art in a way that would emphasize their crystalline surfaces so that others could experience the sparkles as I had.  I gathered up as many of the rocks as I could and arranged them by color, which is another product of light on the surface of the rocks.  When the sunlight shined down upon them, one could see every sparkle and shine.  It was necessary to walk around the installation so that the light had an opportunity to bounce off of all the different angles of the rocks, which incorporated movement into the piece in a way that worked with the light.  Bill Gilbert called it "forest bling!"

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