September 29, 2012

Landmarks of Art, MiraCosta College, California

Heike Qualitz and Amelia Zaraftis
September 22nd and 23rd, 2012
(Photographs by Heike Qualitz, Amelia Zaraftis, and Yoshimi Hayashi)

      During the break between the first and second Land Arts trips, we travelled to California at the invitation of Professor Yoshimi Hayashi of MiraCosta College in California.  Hayashi, himself a graduate of the Land Arts program, convenes a similar Landmarks of Art program, which takes students on three field research trips each year, the first of which is to Los Angeles.  An invitation was extended to us to join this year's trip to Los Angeles over the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd.

Day 1
     First stop was a visit to the Centre for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) in LA where we viewed the current exhibition and browsed the bookshop.  A few doors down the street we entered the Museum of Jurassic Technology for a very enjoyable, unusual experience, including the taking of tea and a look around the gorgeous rooftop garden.

Hayashi briefing students about CLUI prior to entering the building
The group enjoyed tea in the rooftop garden at the Museum of Jurassic Technology
Traveling by train in LA enabled a shared social experience
Students utilized travel times between museum and gallery venues
Student work in progress, streets of LA
Landmarks of Art group photo amongst Chris Burden's Urban Light at LACMA

      During the afternoon, we visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), where one could easily spend a whole weekend.  In a mere few hours, we considered works by Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, and Michael Heizer, to name very few.

Michael Heizer, Levitated Mass at LACMA

Day 2
     Day two started with a visit to Chinatown, where there are a number of contemporary art galleries.  Students worked on their projects, and we both purchased parasols to compliment our outfits and combat the searing sunshine.

Heike Qualitz, Reflection with Parasol
Amelia Zaraftis & Heike Qualitz, Parasol Combat in Chinatown

     After lunch, we went downtown to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) where the Safety Complex outfit made its LA debut.  This was followed by a stroll around the Frank Gehry designed Disney Concert Hall for further immersion and discussion.

Safe immersion in a saturating Rothko experience at MOCA
Students gather on the steps after visiting MOCA
Playing with the reflective surface of the Gehry building
Safety (at the Gehry is) complex

     We digested our big city Land Arts experiences during the long and somewhat bumpy LA freeway drive back to Carlsbad, both very glad of the opportunity to have seen how students engaged and responded to the urban environment as a primary resource for interdisciplinary art research.  The following day, we each presented talks in the sculpture workshop at MiraCosta College, followed by a guided tour of the very impressive Art Department facilities.  We encountered lots of smiling faces, both student's and staff, always a positive sign.

Farewell Landmarks of Art students and MiraCosta College.  We wish we could stay!

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