September 19, 2012

Insurmountable Space

Marne Elmore
September 12th, 2012

       The airplanes have a highway above us in the clouds and in the extensive air-land.  They pass along this intangible route on a quite regular basis, back and forth.  Especially at Muley Point, Utah, there is a frequent attendance of airplanes traversing the invisible pathway of sky-road.  Below the planes, the land spreads with breadth and sagacious knowing, continually flown over and passed from above by air-vessels taking gigantic leapfrogs to skip it all.  You wonder if the passengers are looking down at the land with awe and fascination.  Maybe they are just taking a nap or stuck in an isle seat.  The sound and vision of the planes from below adds a disturbance to this particular environment.  The land remains non-argumentative and silent.  It has quite got my fascination, this strange arrangement between earth and sky.  Does being physical with an environment stop at touching, or can eyesight continue to compensate?

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