August 24, 2012

On Roden Crater

Emily Vosburgh
August 24th, 2012

On Roden Crater

Through large doors to massive foyer.
Monolithic moon-stone, image-stone, soul-searching stone.
At first not all impressive, not mind bending-
at journey's end new meaning.

Up, up, up.
Darkened hallway, massive telescope, catapult into the heavens.
Celestial change seen from Alice's key hole in the sky.
Feel small, large, change, birth- life in purest, distilled form.

Stairway to heaven beckons to the stars.
Glistens, golden, in moon light.
Calls, relentless.
Echoes, unfinished.

Round become oval- elongate.
Celestial voices ring, resonating with soul in timeless temple.
Body stretches, mind opens.
Perception shifts, voids form in fabric of consciousness.

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