November 5, 2011

El Paso Bus shelter project

El Paso

Project: Land Arts program production arm Survival Kit Collective (SKC) collaboration with Roberto Salas director of the Centro Artistico y Cultural (CAC) and Armando Carlos president of the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association (BVNA) in design and construction of a bus stop for the community.

Budget: $1,000 in Materials

Participants: Armando Carlos, Nina Dubios, Bill Gilbert, Jane Gordon, Jeanette Hart-Mann, Ryan Henel, Elena Lopez, Roberto Salas, and many others.

Time frame: four days/nights

Day one
Roberto and Armando show us potential sites for the bus shelter. Accompanying us are Sam
Douglas, the documentarist and his crew.

Taking a moment to speak with a bus driver, see what they think of the project.

Armando checks in with a Buena Vista resident who uses the bus.

Initial sketches

Ryan and Roberto looking over design proposals.

Finalizing the choice of site. It was decided to build on city land, across the street from
the westbound bus stop, thus avoiding having to deal with the department of transportation
which has consistently ignored requests from the community to provide a bus shelter.

Back to the drawing board. Plans are worked out...

... a scale model takes form, sun angles are considered.

Day two
Nina, Jane and Elena work on a revised model.

The scale model helps figure out the angles, cuts, and amount of lumber needed for the
actual project.

Construction begins.
Roof structures are brought down the hill...

... and over to the site ...

... positioned...

... and the ground is marked for location of supporting posts.

Digging post holes.

Leveling and bracing.

Post-sunset concrete pour - long day.

Day three
Anchoring roof structure to posts.

Celeste helping pre-drill for the lag bolts.

Roof is up...

... pre-cut slats go in...

Day four
Jenn trims the roof slats.

Elena, Jane and Nina apply stain to the whole structure.

Bill putting up horizontal slats.

Ryan and Bill build the bench.

And done!

Bus schedule and route.

Armando and the whole crew together to celebrate.

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