October 2, 2011

Art + Environment conference

Here in Reno, we’ve had provocative conversation in and outside of the museum’s walls, wonderful light, and an inspiring thunderstorm on the banks of the Truckee river. The air smelled like mountains and rain as I stumbled out into the long light this afternoon, too full of images and people to do more than breathe. Dinner allowed for a lovely gathering with Land Arts alumni and friends at a Thai Restaurant, but alack without Bill, who was at the Center for Art and Environment’s trustee gathering.

Gleaned thoughts of the first day’s presenters (not in order) :

Chris Jordan “Grief is a portal to our love for the world.”

Geoff Manaugh “Maybe the future is small scale and not for humans…landscape future is robot and machine legible landscapes.”

Fritz Haeg “Gardening is a metaphor for how we live and everything we need to know about living on earth…”

Newton Harrison “Take the information out of the hands of the specialists. The people in this world will have to be generalists.”Helen Harrison (reading) “Will you feed me when my lands no longer produce? Will I house you when your lands are underwater?”

Alexander Rose “Why isn’t now longer? Why aren’t we free to see now in a longer time frame?”

Nina Dubois speaking with Elizabeth Ellsworth of Smudge Studio

Cedra Wood, Chris Galanis, Bill Fox and Bill Gilbert

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  1. Cool post, Nina. Thanks for the "Gleaned Thoughts" - they are appropriate for and related to much of the work that I am doing these days, but one project in particular: SEED 3 (www.seedtaos.org), an exhibition and related SEED Exploratorium that we are currently installing in Taos at the Stables Gallery. The theme of the Exploratorium this year is "Seeds to Food" - Fritz Haeg's quote is particularly relevant. It might even get posted in the Exploratorium next to photos of bountiful local gardens. Thanks for the inspiration!