September 15, 2011

Workshop and soundwalk with Andrea Polli

Tipover Canyon is a relatively remote wilderness area near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. In this alpine meadow, we met up with Andrea Polli, Associate Professor in Fine Arts and Engineering at The University of New Mexico, to participate in a soundwalk and to experiment with different types of recording devices. She currently works in collaboration with atmospheric scientists to develop systems for understanding storm and climate through sound (called sonification). The idea of the soundwalk comes out of the field of acoustic ecology and is a way of focusing our awareness on the sonic environments we inhabit. Andrea led us through some exercises to help fine-tune our capacity to map out the area with our ears, rather than using visual cues. The different types of microphones that she put at our disposal offered us a chance to experiment with different ways of interpreting and translating the space via sound.

During our five days here, the rain proved to be the dominant acoustic and environmental presence.

It rained. A lot. i liked it. Others were not so keen - Jane Gordon

This site was also our first real opportunity to work on our own individual and collective projects.

Forest intervention by Jane Gordon

Jennifer Etelka Gorst, aka Birthday Rat

Harvesting wild plants for tea. Part of Jenn Hart-Mann's "Tisane" project.

Sharing tea and stories inside Nina Dubois' geodesic dome.

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