September 29, 2010



By Veronika Geiger

At San Rafael Swell Marta and I decided not to set up our tents but to sleep outside with the vast and empty sky for company. Falling asleep looking at the star bright night sky and waking up in this big open space feels absolutely great! I documented Marta's clay project yesterday afternoon where she covered her body with a thick layer of mud thinking about integrating herself into nature. Sleeping under the stars is really about that too. We talked about divisions the other day during dinner. About using nature as your medium, breaking down the boundaries of a normal studio-space, blurring the lines between life and art. Today when we went to get supplies in 'Stewart's and I noticed how this familiar place, a supermarket, felt slightly uncomfortable, somewhat alien to me, and for the first time in five days I realized how dirty my clothes were.

and some work in progress images of the cardboard plane...


September 17, 2010 
Rocky Mountain Maple Show
In transit.
Our group is traveling from the San Rafael Swell to the Great Salt Lake.  I have no idea what road we are on or what direction we are traveling in for that matter,  but the mountains here are softer than the mesas we just left and dense tree growth has infiltrated our line of sight.  It's quite a contrast to the arid, rocky terrain we just left.  I settled myself in for a typical scenic drive through winding highway and predisposed viewing sights when an unexpected gift was suddenly thrown into my horizon - FALL!
Could it be? In this magical world, it must have come early here to the rocky mountain maples.  And although we were mere spectators at 65 mph, the brilliant magentas, reds, and oranges lost no brilliance or deserving attention as they speckled effortlessly across the mountain side.  The color show has renewed my energy and spirits.
Destination: Spiral Jetty. 

Renee McKitterick

September 19, 2010

The van is surrounded on either side my private fields of golden grass. The swallows have playfully started a relay race with us.  Diving in and flying along our trajectory - only to be replaced by another as they gracefully dart in and out of the lane.  No sounds from them.  They move instinctually.      
Renee McKitterick

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